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Terpene Isolates

Precision-distilled from fresh botanicals.
Food grade. Highest purity.

Strain Profiles

Unique terpene signature profiles of individual strains.

Terpene Blends

Terpene lifestyle formulations.

Entourage Labs

Strain profile infused herbal blends.

Flavourless Fluidity

Natural botanical extract blend for augmenting the viscosity of plant extracts.

Flavourless Fluidity

Natural botanical extract blend for augmenting the viscosity of plant extracts.

Quality. Certified.

Quality will always be our number one priority at My Terpenes, and that starts with where our terpenes come from. With the exclusion of Limonene which is made here in Australia, we import 100% of our terpenes from the USA. Every single one. All of our terpenes are produced in Pharma grade facilities under the highest possible quality management systems of ISO 9001:2015 and FSC 22000 using cGMP (Good manufacturing practices).
These facilities that manufacture on our behalf are independently certified and regularly audited to ensure the highest possible quality. Once produced, each batch of terpenes is analysed to ensure that it is clear of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and other contamination, as well as being certified GMO and allergen free. Each batch must meet or exceed the specifications laid out in its spec sheet, and this is confirmed with a batch specific certificate of analysis. All documents are available in the product page of each terpene isolate.

Terpenes from USA vs Terpenes from China or India: Whats the difference?
A lot. It’s not the location of manufacture that makes a difference but the regulation that surrounds the industry in the country in which it is domiciled. Our US partner manufactures Pharma ingredients for the US and European medical industries and is bound by the robust regulatory frameworks that ensure quality control.
Unfortunately, this is not he case for developing world companies, who’s processes and documentation cannot be relied upon.
You get what you pay for
Maintaining and complying with these quality standards is expensive.
While cutting corners results in much cheaper products, the quality of those products becomes irreparably compromised. You do not need any scientific training to spot the difference. Terpenes are flavour and aroma compounds, poorer quality terpenes will taste and smell weaker and less distinct than those that are produced properly without shortcuts. We guarantee to have the highest quality terpenes available in the market, backed by robust analysis and the confidence of certification.
Country of origin and manufacturer location - what’s the difference?
Botanical terpenes must be steam distilled from large quantities of fresh plant material. As terpenes are volatile, they will be lost if the source material is dried or transported. This means that some of our terpenes which are made from plants not grown in the USA are produced by our US Manufacturer in other countries, before being sent to the USA. This offshore manufacture comes under the same regulatory regime as the onshore manufacture, and is of identical quality. This is why while we import 100% of our terpenes (excluding limonene) from the US, some will have been steam distilled in other countries. Country of origin for each terpene can be found on the spec sheet or COA.
In what ways are non-USA terpenes inferior?
There are many ways to cut corners in production, such as diluting with a carrier oil or another cheaper terpene, or eliminating crucial (and costly) purification steps. For example, myrcene and alpha pinene share the same boiling point, this means that they are both extracted at the same time via the steam distillation process. To remove the herbaceous alpha pinene contaminant out of the fruity myrcene, another step must be made that is expensive and time consuming. Unscrupulous companies will ship this step, resulting in a cheaper and inferior product.
How can you tell if your terpenes have been diluted?
Terpenes are volatile, meaning that they will evaporate over time. Diluted terpenes are usually diluted with a fixed (non volatile) oil. If you put 1 ml of your terpene into some water in a pot, and put that pot into a larger pot with water in it and apply heat (a double boiler) the water and the terpene in the smaller pot will eventually all evaporate. If the terpene has been adulterated there will be some fixed oil residue left in the bottom of the smaller pot that will not evaporate. This method will not reveal terpenes that have been diluted with other, cheaper terpenes, however a taste /smell comparison test will quickly reveal this.